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What do the Big Real Estate Producers do that the Little Ones Don’t?

Article by David Selter

We’ve been in the position of working with realtors for several years and are always intrigued by the different mind sets each brings to their business. You can almost predict which realtors are the successful ones.

There are a number of characteristics that we’ve seen from the big producers, but we’ve narrowed it down to a few that separates them from the little guys:

They are hustlers. Sales and marketing make up a large percentage of their thoughts and conversations throughout the day. They know that to expand your business you have to sell and market like crazy. They come to work thinking about how to list more, sell more, get their name out more. They don’t sit around waiting for business to come to them. They try every possible avenue to go out and grab it. They create their own luck.

They are survivors. They persist through anything. There is no such thing as a “bad economy” or a “slow season” to them. They see that as a marketing opportunity to get more business while everyone else is dying out. When things get slow, they kick up their marketing and their networking to compensate for it. They don’t complain about it. They do something about it. When things pick up again they are light years ahead of those who sat around worrying and complaining instead of doing something. And they aren’t shy about being realtors. They make sure that everyone they encounter knows what they do and knows how good they are at it.

They are positive people. They think things will work 1st, then they get to work. The negative people start off saying something like, “I guess I’ll try to my name out more in my area but I don’t see how I can compete with the big guys who everybody already knows.” They’ve already decided it won’t work, so of course it won’t. You don’t find ultra-successful people with mindsets like that. They get a game plan, assume it will work, and get to work. They don’t give up because after one month they haven’t seen results. They put their head down, keep going, and blast out their plan before judging it.  When something works they keep it, when something doesn’t they discard it and get on with the next idea. They don’t have time to sit around and lament what a bad decision they made, they’re too busy moving on, always going forward. And they have no tolerance for negative people. Most people put out only average effort, so when they see you putting out mega-effort, their own comfort level is threatened and they tell you – it’s a waste of time, it’s not the market for it, it’s too late, now isn’t the right time – of course now is never the right time for them. If you want to be average, listen to the negative comments of people making average effort who are threatened by seeing you taking massive action.

They don’t want to compete in the market, they want to dominate it. We knew the founder of a small start-up service company who was going up against some older very established companies in their industry. The owner made it his mission to talk to every decision maker and get his information and price list on EVERY desk of EVERY potential client no matter who they were already using. Six months later one of his better known competitors called him and asked if he wanted to buy some of their equipment. He asked why they were downsizing and they said “How can we compete with you, you guys are everywhere!” He wasn’t a genius who figured out some revolutionary new marketing technique. He was just determined to get his name out everywhere and always, and soon he WAS the dominate company in his industry.  Be “EVERYWHERE” in your area. Dominate it! Own it! It’s not just about spending money. Get your name out and keep it out any and every way you can. Brain storm, try everything. The more mud you throw against the wall, the more will stick. Remember the old adage – success is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. Soon everyone in the area will be seeing your name everywhere and will assume that you are the go to person if they want to sell or buy a house, and other realtors will be saying “How am I supposed to compete with that?”   

Think like the big guys, become one. Think small, stay small.

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