Odor Elimination with Ozone Generators

Eliminate Odors from Water Damage, Air Ducts & Hazardous Cleanup

Ozone is the most effective way of eliminating, not covering up, serious persistent odors. Ever notice that fresh smell after a summer thunder storm? The lightening produces ozone in the atmosphere which eliminates odors and leaves that fresh clean scent.

What is Ozone?ozone generator

The oxygen molecule is O2, while the ozone molecule is O3. We all know that oxygen oxidizes things and we see that oxidizing process in the slow form of rust and the rapid form of fire. Ozone, with its extra oxygen atom, is a super oxidizer and virtually burns up organic odors it comes in contact with. The ozone generator continues to produce more ozone until all of the organic odors have been oxidized, literally destroyed.

Is Ozone safe to use?

What makes Ozone so useful in eliminating odors, besides its effectiveness, is its short half-life. Ozone is very unstable and breaks down very rapidly reverting back to oxygen. Although all people and animals should stay out of an area while it is being treated, once the treatment is stopped, any residual ozone reverts back to oxygen in a short period of time. This is one of the many advantages of using ozone to eliminate persistent odors. It does the job incredibly effectively and converts back to oxygen when the job is done.

Ozone Generators

Ozone generators must produce ozone at high enough concentrations to effectively eliminate odors. At DRYMORE we use only commercial grade ozone generators with the latest technology to produce the most ozone efficiently. We have had customers tell us that they already tried an ozone machine but it didn’t take care of their odor problem even though the source of the odor had been removed. But when we show up on the job and set up the proper commercial grade equipment, we have never encountered an odor we couldn’t solve. In our combined 36 years’ experience we have seen it all. We have eliminated odors associated with rotten food, dead animals, sewage, smoke, and even tragic death scenes. So when you need odors eliminated completely and permanently, call DRYMORE at (281) 930-0100.


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