Commercial Water Damage Restoration

For Businesses in the Greater Houston Area

DRYMORE has a water damage supervisor available to talk to you 24 hours a day and to immediately dispatch a crew to get your business up and running as soon as possible after water damage has occurred – no matter how serious.

In our 36 years combined experience, we have:

  • Enabled a major department store to reopen the morning after a water main broke in the third floor ceiling flooding all three floors. We were on the scene within an hour after receiving the call on a Saturday night with a crew of 20 and worked all night to extract over 20,000 gallons of water. By 10 am Sunday morning the store was able to reopen for their Presidents Day sale while our drying equipment was continuing to dry the structure.
  • office with drying ductworkAllowed a company who walked into ankle-deep water in their 20,000 square foot building to be back up and operating the next day. Our crews worked the entire day and night. We removed thousands of gallons of water, moved and block up hundreds of large file cabinets and the entire building of office furniture to allow dry air to circulate underneath, set up two 6500 cfm dehumidifiers, temporary ducting to distribute the super dried air throughout the building, 70 high volume air movers, and a 200 kilowatt generator to power all the drying equipment. We also built a temporary structure over the area of the building where the roof had been ripped off in the storm, to prevent further water damage and secure the building.
  • Kept a hotel from losing any revenue when a malfunctioning sprinkler system flooded most of 5 floors of rooms. DRYMORE worked with hotel management on a system to rotate drying equipment in and out of rooms to enable the hotel to accommodate a capacity convention crowd that had been booked months in advance. We kept people on the job 24 hours a day to accomplish this and make sure there was no lost revenue or loss of goodwill from the convention industry.
  • drying out from water damageEverything we do when a business of any size suffers water damage is to enable that business to maintain or return to full operations as soon as possible. After the initial emergency response, DRYMORE closely monitors the drying process and works with the insurance companies to make sure there will be no additional structural or mold damage that would disrupt business again. We want to get you back up and running and keep you back up and running.

For immediate water removal and help with your water or flooding damage, contact DRYMORE at 281-930-0100!

We provide water damage services to Houston and all of Southeast Texas.